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In this article, I will collect all the tutorials for AV Voice Changer Software Diamond so that it will be easier for you to find the information needed. Moreover, you will have a better view of what the program can do, as well as some ideas for you new audio projects.

Voice Changer Software Diamond
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

1 - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

In short, I will introduce some main features of this software:

- Change voice in real time: this is the voice changer program that can change your voice in real time, change voice male to female, robot, ghost, or any voice such as Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, and many more. Just connect to Skype, Discord or any VOIPs and open voice changer to morph your voice.

- Edit audio file: you can edit the vocal of audio files, make it higher/lower/ or any effect you want. Moreover, it's easy to convert the audio format of many files at the same time.

Besides these two features, it also has many other useful features such as Voice Comparator, Voice Parody, etc.

2 - List of voice changer tutorials

Here is the list of tutorials for AV Voice Changer Software Diamond that you guys can check out to see if there is anything interesting for you projects:

- Ventrilo Voice Changer Software

- How to Export Your Nickvoice into a File with Voice Changer

- Girl Voice Changer App in Real Time

- Celebrate New Year 2017 with Parody Maker

- Voice Morphing, Vocal Tune and Music Edit for Audio Files Simple Tutorial

- Best Voice Changer for Skype Calls in Real Time

- How to Use Voice Morphing Feature in Voice Changer Software

- Turn Your Voice to Medusa Dota 2 with a Voice Changer

- TeamSpeak Funny Moments and Prank Calls with Voice Changer

- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parody Voice with Voice Changer

- Google Hangouts Voice Changer for Funny Video Calls

- Change Voice in Real iPhone Calls

- Create a Precious Audio Horror Story for Your Family

3 - Other tutorials for other software that you may like

List of tutorials #1: Media Player Morpher

This is the software that can help you listen to music/watch movies with surround sound, even when you only have normal speakers.

The software also has a huge library of effects along with audio/video tools such as: editor, converter, video karaoke maker and many others.

List of tutorials #2: Other audio/video tools

This is the list of all of the tutorials for other software available on Audio4fun, including AV Webcam Morpher, AV Music Morpher Gold, AV Karaoke Maker and the others.

Hope you all like it,