Media Player Morpher

Currently, Media Player Morpher is one of the two featured software on the website of Audio4fun. This is the program that can help you enjoy media files in a very, very unique way. It will allow you to add more effects to the media, enjoy the show with surround sound even when you only have normal speakers.

Media Player Morpher
Media Player Morpher

1 - Media Player Morpher

Yes, it is a media player. You can watch movie, listen to music with this software.
But, there is MORE!

You can watch the movie with surround sound. Media Player Morpher can turn you average two speakers into a full pledge sound system of 5:1, even 7:1. Enjoy the movie in a better way, and the software itself is FREE.

Moreover, it's also packed with various useful tools that you can: edit audio file, morph audio file, convert audio and video format, add effects to audio files.

The library effects of this software is HUGE! You can check out all functions and feature via the link below:

2 - List of tutorials for Media Player Morpher

In this post, I will show you the tutorial with Media Player Morpher. This program is just amazing on its own with so many features to use, and they are really useful to all media tasks for me.

- Apply visualization for Media Player Morpher

- How to Add Subtitles to a Movie

- Enjoy Movies with Surround Sound

- How to Edit and Mix Songs for a Perfect Summer Mix

3 - Other tutorials for other software that you may like

The software that can change your voice in real time on Skype, Discord, or any VoIPs.
You can also edit audio, morph vocal of audio files, convert audio format, record audio with changed voice, and many other functions.

This is the list of other tutorials for other software such as:
- AV Webcam Morpher: use an avatar to change your webcam appearance.
- AV Music Morpher: there are two versions Basic and Gold. Customize your audio files with ease but produce professional results.
- AV Karaoke Maker: make your own video clip of karaoke.
- And many other software.

Hope you all like it,

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