Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to use Voice Changer Software Diamond

How to use Voice Changer Software Diamond
How to use Voice Changer Software Diamond

Are you in need of a tutorial on how to use Voice Changer Software Diamond? Don't worry, it's just surprisingly easy to make use of all of the features in a more professional way, as long as you follow this tutorial.

Digital Audio Guide will help you know how to change your voice to a female, adjust more settings, add effects and modify voice characteristics in a more advanced way compared to using ready-to-use Nickvoices. Don't understand what any of the sliders and value does? Check this guide to know the meaning of each setting.

What is Voice Changer Software Diamond

An awesome software to change your voice to any other voice in a real time chat on Skype, Viber or any other program.
You can change your voice instantly with Nickvoices, from male to female, female to male, animal voices and more. Have the voice of a grandpa, a sweet woman, chipmunk in just a click.

But it's not just that, you also have the option to manually adjust your voice based on the unique characteristics of your own original voice. Therefore, the result will be better.

Besides, you can even record, edit, add effects to audio files with the built-in tools and features.
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1. Download Voice Changer Software Diamond

2. System requirements:
- 1GHz compatible processor
- 250MB Ram
- Full Duplex Sound Card
- Speakers & Microphone (A headset is highly recommended to avoid echo and static)
- Windows Vista and above

Step-by-step tutorial

Source: Audio4fun

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