Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How to Use Discord Voice Changer Software

How to Use Discord Voice Changer Software
How to Use Discord Voice Changer Software

Discord voice changer is the exact software you will ever want to bring your Discord chat to a whole new level of fun when gaming with your pals. Check out this tutorial to see how to change your voice to various voices when using Discord.

In order to change your voice in real time and talk in Discord, Digital Audio Guide will show you how to connect this software called Voice Changer Software Diamond to Discord.

What is Discord?

This is a free voice and text chat software for gamers. This software has many innovative features to be considered much better than other programs in the context of gaming experience with voice chat. For example, text chat for 21st century, minimal impact on FPS, easy management of your server, etc.

What is Discord voice changer?

We will use Voice Changer Software Diamond to change your voice on Discord. This is a software which can be considered the current best in voice changer market, with many useful functions to experience and support each other - the all-in-one application.

What can it do? Yes, it can change your voice in real time while using Discord. You talk, it transforms the voice, and give the output to your pals instantly. Besides, you can also record with a built-in Voice Recorder for an audio message, audio book. And then, edit with Voice Editor, make more changes to the files and finally, convert them into various formats. Read more.

However, in this tutorial, we will focus solely on the functions of modifying your voice while talking on Discord.

Step-by-step tutorial:

Source: Audio4fun Support Center

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