Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Use Webcam Morpher for Skype Video Chat

How to Use Webcam Morpher for Skype Video Chat
How to Use Webcam Morpher for Skype Video Chat

Spice up your normal Skype video chat with Webcam Morpher with just one step, and you will be surprised with the result. You can be anyone and completely fool the other person. But did you know? the special thing is, you don't even need a webcam to begin with, just download Webcam Morpher and enjoy different backgrounds, characters and have some fun with the other person.

What you need

- Download Webcam Morpher 2.0
- Prepare Skype
- Microphone for a video chat

Webcam Morpher 2.0

WebCam Morpher 2.0 is a fun software that can your webcam output in real time. You can change be a girl, a man, a grandpa, Santa Clause and many other characters. Furthermore, you will be able to change voice, and background image, as well as apply video effects to the webcam. And last but not least, you can capture both streams to share with friends later. Imagine a Skype chat with your friends as a beautiful woman, good Skype video chat! Read more.


- Nickfaces: ready-to-use presets to change characters, be another person on webcam.
- Video effects: recolor video background, adjust video settings and more.
- Backgrounds: library of backgrounds to choose from.
- Webcam recorder: record what you see for unlimited time.
- Virtual webcam driver: you don't need a webcam for video chat.

Webcam Morpher tutorial

Source: Audio4fun Support Center

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