Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Inresistable Fun Anonymous Video Chat in Omegle with Webcam Morpher

Anonymous Video Chat in Omegle with Webcam Morpher
Webcam Morpher for funny Omegle video chat

Webcam chat online is now more and more popular among our fellow Internet users. If you are looking for a stranger to talk to on webcam chat, then Omegle is the place to help you connect to thousands of other people all over the world. But did you know? You don't actually need to show your face here, and don't even need to have a webcam or camera for your video chat online. Digital Audio Guide will show you how to connect AV Webcam Morpher to Omegle.com, and believe us, there are so much fun stuff to do when you appear on a virtual webcam as another person.


Omegle.com is a website to help you connect and chat one-on-one with a random person. There are thousands of people using the website, this is a free online chat platform that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register.

Webcam Morpher

AV Webcam Morpher is a fun software that allows you to control your webcam output in real time. You can control your image, your voice, your background (for example, you can show that you are a girl/a man/a student with various background such as in a living room/bed room/ etc. and voice modification for chatting.) Thus, you can be someone else, at somewhere else, with a new voice. Sound really cool, right? More information is available here.


- Your computer is connected to the Internet
- Microphone
- And a browser to open Omegle.com, very simple.

Webcam Morpher tutorial

Source: Audio4fun Support Center

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