Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Create 3D Subtitle for Movies with AV Video Morpher

Create 3D Subtitle

In this tutorial, Digital Audio Guide will show you an interesting tool to create 3D subtitle for your movie clips, especially your own handmade movies. What we are talking about here is call AV Video Morpher - a powerful tool to edit video, add effects, dub movies, burn DVD, create 3D subtitle and more.

What is AV Video Morpher

AV Video Morpher is the all-in-one video editor for both home use and commercial. You can watch, morph, burn, convert, create any kinds of subtitle and capture movies for your own home entertainment. Create and edit your own movie is just a piece of cake now. Read more.


- Download AV Video Morpher
- Prepare your subtitle
- Prepare your movie

Step-by-step tutorial:

Source: Audio4fun Support Center

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