Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Change Voice in Real iPhone Calls

Did you know? It is always possible in a real iPhone call to change your voice to sound like any voice you can imagine. You do not need Skype, Viber, or any VoIP programs out there to have a funny Internet call like usual. In fact, you can use any smartphone, dial a number, change your voice and enjoy your real call.

In this tutorial, Digital Audio Guide will show you how to change your voice in an actual iPhone call by simply apply this trick. Let’s see what happens next when you call a friend with a complete strange voice.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

A versatile software for changing voice immediately and very creatively with many powerful features. You can change voice in real-time not only in the Internet calls via Skype, Viber or any VoIP programs, but also in a real iPhone call. You can change your original voice to a completely new one, record audio message and save the files as any audio format and many other audio activities. Read more.


>> PC, Microphone and Headphone/Earphone.
>> Cables to connect the devices
>> An iPhone (recommended) or any smartphone

Check out step-by-step tutorial below:

Source: Support Center

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best Way to Change Your Voice with AV Voizgame

Let AV Voizgame bring new voices to your game
Have you ever thought of having way more fun in gaming than ever before? Voice changing is exactly how you will escape from plain and old regular gaming and enter to the wonderful “funnyland”. Endless fun and exciting gaming moments are awaiting for you.

In this tutorial, Digital Audio Guide will show you how to change your voice in AV Voizgame and have so much fun playing your favorite online game.

AV Voizgame

This software is a specialized voice changer that definitely will take your in-game communication to a whole new level. It works nicely in real time and is compatible with most VOIPs, voice chat systems and game platforms, including Steam, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and many more. Check out the super cool features here.


>> Download AV Voizgame
>> Microphone and your favorite online game.

Check out step-by-step tutorial below:

Source: Audio4fun Support Center

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