Friday, February 13, 2015

Media Player Morpher's Stand-alone Modules Now Uploaded On CNET

Media Player Morpher's Stand-alone Modules Now Uploaded On CNET

Audio4fun has uploaded stand-alone software applications from the all-in-one AV Media Player Morpher on CNET for its everyone's convenient use.

AV Media Player Morpher is an advanced suit of multimedia morphers that process user's media files with ease. It has been gaining great love and support from users worldwide thanks to the intuitive interface and convenience it provides. Now, the program's standalone modules are all available for user's completely free download and use on CNET. With a click away, all users can easily grab these tiny programs for your computer. Such cool modules include:

AV Audio Editor: a simple but powerful & FREE audio editor that will suit both beginners and professionals for editing and morphing audio. 

AV Audio & Sound Recorder: an excellent recording tool for live audio through a microphone or through any specialized virtual audio device.

AV CD Grabber: a PC software program that helps to convert tracks on a music CD to standard computer audio files for hard disk backup or for mobile devices.

AV Audio Morpher: a specialized audio editing tool for morphing and adding special effects to audio files. This tool features a colossal library of hundreds of effects categorized in 2 groups: Ready-to-use, and Customizable.

AV Video Converter: a powerful and fully-featured conversion tool, designed without any limitations to let users convert almost all videos from one format to another.

AV Audio Converter: a free specialized program for converting audio files from one format to another. This tool is highlighted for its user-friendly, yet professional interface.

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