Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Convert Videos to HTML5 Embed Video Formats

Convert Videos to HTML5 Embed Video Formats

What is HTML5? 
HTML5 is the most current iteration of HTML, used for front-end web development. This revision of the HTML format intends to ease multi-device compatibility and development. HTML5 uses tags to standardize many web development functions, with the end result being the molding of the web into a more interactive environment.

HTML5 is the first version that provides a standard method for embedding video using the <video> tag. Allowing video to be embedded directly in the browser eliminates the need for third party plugins like Flash or Silverlight and reduces the overhead for playback. HTML5 video opens up new and unique ways to create interactivity between the user, the video, and other page elements.

Today, Audio Utility will show you how to convert your videos to HTML5 format easily using FREE AV Video Converter from Audio4fun.

AV Video Converter
This program is a powerful and free conversion tool, designed without any limitations to let users convert almost all videos from one format to another. With this tool in hand, users can easily convert a video file to any other format. Read more 


There are 4 simple steps to follow. Detailed tutorial: 


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