Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How To Talk Like A Real Pirate Using Voice Changer

Talk Like A Real Pirate Using Voice Changer
Talk like a cool pirate with cool tips from Digital Audio Guide
Say hello to "Talk Like A Pirate Day", have you got any plan for this international celebration?
Besides preparing for cool pirate cosplaying, everyone really needs to sound croaky like a villains of the oggin. And in case you meet some troubles disguising your voice as a pirate, Digital Audio Guide will show you a wonderful tip, using Voice Changer Software Diamond to lower your voice and make it sound husky, just like notorious pirates.

About International Talk Like A Pirate Day
In case you are wondering, International Talk like a Pirate day is a parodic holiday taken place on September 19 each year. On that day, people talk and act like classic 18th century pirates (not the 21st Somalia ones) purely for fun. 

Follow this tutorial, your desire to become a Jack Sparrow, Captain James Hook or Long John Silver in the cybersea is about to come true.

» Prepare your script (Tips: learn some pirate slangs)

There are 5 simple steps to follow, detailed tutorial:


Now you can use this new villainous pirate voice in any online voice chat systems (Instant Messengers, VoIP applications or online games), and proudly show your one-and-only "pirattitude". Let's celebrate this fun day in your unique way. 

Ahoy, mateys!
Arrr ye ready to set sails?

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