Monday, August 18, 2014

How To Make A Cool Cover For Your CD

How To Make A Cool Cover For Your CD
Create unique CD covers using free MP3 Player Morpher

Have you ever burn your favorite tracks to a disc and create yourself unique music collections? OR gift these creative products to your love ones as a cool way to show them how they are special to you? One thing for sure that many audiophiles love it. And if you are one of them, you will be interested in Audio Utility's tip today - how to make a CD cover in your own style, using MP3 Player Morpher.

What is MP3 Player Morpher?
This is a free software specially designed for digital music and audio editor. With this program installed on your computer, you can easily play, capture, record, convert, rip, burn, change voice and tempo, as well as other complicated audio editing tasks.
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* Requirements:
» Choose you favorite image to make 
» Prepare your song list.

There are 5 simple steps for you to follow. Detailed tutorial:


Artistic and impressive CD covers are so easy to make in only a few clicks. Now, it's time to amaze your friends and family with your self-designed masterpieces.
Have fun!

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