Friday, July 25, 2014

Speak Like US President Barack Obama

Speak Like US President Barack Obama
Be a influential speaker  like US President Barack Obama
If the idea of imitating celebrities' voices has ever crossed your mind, I need to say that "Yes, it's completely possible!" Even if you are thinking about speaking like US president Barack Obama! Today, Digital Audio Guide will show to speak like president Barack Obama using Voice Comparator of the professional AV Voice Changer Software.

AV Voice Changer Software
This is one of the versatile software program in Audio4fun's AV Voice Changer Software product line, including Basic, Gold and Diamond editions. The program is specialized in voice changing and voice manipulation for both online and offline purposes. It features a variety of ready-to-use "nickvoices," and vivid sound effects for instant use. 

Voice Comparator feature
This is a unique feature offers users the ability to imitate anyone else's voice in a few minutes. It analyzes all important characteristics of your changed voice and the target voice and shows you how similar they are. Then, Voice Comparator will give you morphing suggestions in order to help you easily make necessary adjustments to perfect your voice output. 

Today, Digital Audio Guide will show to speak like president Barack Obama using this professional AV Voice Changer Software. 

* Requirements:
» Prepare Barack Obama's sample voice. Download here!
» High-quality microphone for better recording quality

There are 4 simple steps to follow. Detailed tutorial:


Now, you are so ready for special speeches, voice mails, e-greeting cards on national days, or even for your own self-confidence purpose.

Good luck!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Enjoy Music With Unique Surround Effects

Enjoy Music With Unique Surround Effects
Enjoy summer time more with creative morphed songs

It's summer time - the time for extreme entertaining activities outside or simply relaxing at home with your best friends and family. Of course, we should never miss some cool music tunes to rock out these sizzling days. For a better value in your summer entertainment, Digital Audio Guide will bring you a unique cool tip using  a free media player - Media Player Morpher, to improve your listening sense.

What is Media Player Morpher?

AV Media Player Morpher is a multimedia player program which features a smart, friendly user interface for both professional audiophiles and beginners. It has a fabulous pseudo-surround effect that will instantly enhance sound and add depth, a huge library of unique, special surround effects and various visualization options for a full audio-visual experience. 

In addition, Media Player Morpher also includes extra features serving all of your audio editing/morphing tasks, such as Audio Morpher, Audio Editor, CD Grabber/Converter, Media Uploader, Audio & Sound Recorder.

With this program in hand, users can easily produce any interesting, creative audio/video pieces.

* Requirements:
» Prepare music files for you favorite tunes

There are only 2 steps to go. Detailed tutorial:


Can you hear the difference your songs sound now? Let's take a little bit longer to discover the full function of this interesting program, one thing for sure that the longer you learn about Media Player Morpher, the more you will be addicted to it.


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